Taking A Break - MH

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"Taking a Break" is the third sculpture of my athletic friend and model. Again, one of my primary focuses in sculpting is clear articulation of the muscles of the body as presented. Bodies really are "specifically" different. Real bodies are beautiful! Thirty + years of drawing from life have given me "seeing skills" that cannot be gained through a formulaic approach to drawing. These highly developed skills enable very close representation of the specific forms. Being able to see the subtle shifts in contour as the pose turns helps her with articulating a muscle even though she may not know its name! Taking a Break, incorporates a fabricated bronze box as her seat. The mottled blue on the box is achieved by using a chemical called cupric, and, of course, a torch.

by Marianne Hornbuckle

of Santa Fe

Height: 8"
Width: 6"
Depth: 9"
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