About Us

Ray & Annette


Ahmyo River Gallery is an evocative serene destination designed to awaken the senses.


What We Do

Welcome to Ahmyo River Gallery.

Imagine surrounding yourself with works of art that truly inspire you, move you and make you happy. At Ahmyo River Gallery, find your inspiration among thousands of works created by talented artists, a collection created and curated by Annette Colby, Ray Nowicki and Terry “Bud” Colby.

Enter through our doors and step into an  inspirational atmosphere where you can wander, explore and touch. Senses open with admiration of the beauty emanating from creative art, distinctive jewelry and beautiful sculptures. Each item curated is designed to share the spark of the creative soul.

The magical vibe of Ahmyo River Gallery offers an exquisite collection of highly sought after treasures from top artists and designers residing in Santa Fe and around the world including:

  • Fine Art
  • Distinctive Jewelry
  • Steel Artistic Bells
  • Artistic Home Décor
  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Fine Art Photography
  • And Other Carefully Curated Finds

Discover an innovative experience that will enchant your heart and delight your soul.


Our Mission

Art is our passion. We are dedicated to offering the most inspirational and beautiful works of fine art, exquisite hand-made jewelry, and local craft for your home and life. We are equally committed to supporting the livelihoods of the celebrated artists who create this work.


Our Team

Bud Colby

Our team is simply exceptional! Annette Colby and Ray Nowicki are the owners of the beautiful Ahmyo River Gallery. Annette is both a silversmith / jewelry designer and mixed media artist, while Ray creates magical settings both inside the gallery and in the outer courtyards.

Terry ‘Bud’ Colby works as Gallery Director and also works behind the scenes on marketing and the website.


Karen AlexandriaKaren Alexandria brings her contagious smile and a lifetime of sales and marketing experience as she creates exquisite displays and offers exceptionally personal customer care.

Each of us welcomes you to experience the joy that Ahmyo River Gallery has to offer.

Blessings & Peace,

                       Annette, Ray, Bud and Karen