Annette Colby - Painter

Annette ColbyAnnette Colby is the owner of Ahmyo River Gallery and has many talents.  She paints, creates mixed media art, textiles, and designs jewelry.  After earning a doctoral degree she spent 25 years as a spiritual counselor, creative therapist, and a renowned author.  Annette moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico from Texas.  Her deep love for New Mexican nature and people inspires the Annette Colby collections.  Each unique handmade piece of artwork or jewelry offers a connection to her love of nature and creative process.  Annette enjoys taking quiet, weathered, and ancient items - such as old paper, bones & fossils, ancient beads, feathers, stones - and giving them a new life within her art.  She hopes to spark imagination within others through her unique pieces.  An artful eye and honed skills allow for the creation of artful works that are powerfully simple, deeply elegant, and a bit rustic.  She enjoys the idea of transformation while creating; and the messy, textural, intricate process that goes along with it.