Kelly Nygard

Carol Fennell

The foundation of Kelly’s work is always glass mosaic, but it can be more accurately described as mixed media mosaic. I start with tile, Czech seed bead or sheets of beautiful stained glass. A particular tone or texture catch my eye as the central point of the piece. I then work outwards from that point, adding pieces of unusual shape, purpose and texture. Oftentimes twisting or even lifting whole sections to tuck a tiny object behind. In a world of emphasis on “standing out from the crowd” and the importance of the individual, my work speaks of the true random cohesiveness of all our lives. The way seemingly disparate objects come together to make a beautiful whole. Each individual component, taken separately, barely able to stand on its own. Yet, when assembled without judgement, one object leaning on another for support, the result is a vision of unity that often makes me laugh out loud.